Thanks to Amanda for bringing the 2 intersections in Puyallup that have illegal red light cameras to our attention! The 2 locations are on the corner or 94th (or 9th) & South Hill Park Drive, as well as Meridian & 31st Ave SE. The problem with those 2 intersections is that South Hill Park Drive and 31st Ave SE are not arterial streets. The reason that matters is because Washington State law says: ” Use of automated traffic safety cameras is restricted to two-arterial intersections, railroad crossings, and school speed zones only.” We know that these 2 roads are not arterials because we have a copy of the classification map the the city provided to Amanda. She used it when she went to court to fight a ticket that she received on 31st AVE SE. Her ticket was dismissed.

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I was interviewed by KOMO 4 news this afternoon about this subject. They were going to talk to the city next. Hopefully the city will do the right thing and give refunds to all the people who were ticketed at these locations… but I am not holding my breath.
You can view the full classification map HERE and to view the original map (without my notations) click HERE