We filled the hearing room in Olympia yesterday to speak out against traffic cameras. We didn’t show up just to complain, but we also offered a solution! Repeal the law that makes the cameras legal in the first place!

Over the last few days we have worked very hard speaking to legislators and asking them to introduce a bill that would repeal the law, and not just tinker with it. Rep. Morris agreed to introduce a bill to repeal the law.

The bill is HB 1823 – “Repealing the authorization for automated traffic safety cameras.”

You can make an immediate difference. Call / email / fax your State House Representatives today and urge them to co-sponsor HB 1823 repealing Automated Ticketing Machines.

The deadline for co-sponsorship is Tomorrow, Feb. 3rd at 2pm.

Look up your representative’s contact information here.


Consider writing something like this:

“There is a bill being circulated regarding the repeal of state laws that allow the use of traffic cameras – HB 1823. As a voter in your district, please know that I and many of my neighbors support this legislation.

Many studies reveal that traffic cameras actually reduce safety. I certainly support ways to make our streets safer but there are engineered methods that are effective, Automated Ticketing Machines are not.

I strongly encourage your support of this bill. Please consider co-sponsorship of HB 1823, the deadline is Thursday, Feb. 3rd at 2pm.”


Why It’s Important to Act Today

The way bill introduction works in Washington State, co-sponsors can only be added for a limited time after the bill’s official introduction. The cutoff to co-sponsor will be Thursday, Feb. 3rd at 2pm.

26 legislators – from both parties – have signed on already:

  • Rep. McCune – 2nd LD
  • Rep. Shea – 4th LD
  • Rep. Crouse – 4th LD
  • Rep. Rodne – 5th LD
  • Rep. Kretz – 7th LD
  • Rep. Short – 7th LD
  • Rep. Haler – 8th LD
  • Rep. Schmick – 9th LD
  • Rep. Condotta – 12th LD
  • Rep. Johnson – 14th LD
  • Rep. Taylor – 15th LD
  • Rep. Walsh – 16th LD
  • Rep. Orcutt – 18th LD
  • Rep. Blake – 19th LD
  • Rep. Liias – 21st LD
  • Rep. Zeiger – 25th LD
  • Rep. Dammeier – 25th LD
  • Rep. Green – 28th LD
  • Rep. Kirby – 29th LD
  • Rep. Miloscia – 30th LD
  • Rep. Hurst – 31st LD
  • Rep. Upthegrove – 33rd LD
  • Rep. Haigh – 35th LD
  • Rep. Morris – 40th LD – PRIME SPONSOR
  • Rep. Overstreet – 42nd LD
  • Rep. Goodman – 45th LD

It’s important to act quickly!

There have been bills introduced this year modifying the law allowing Automated Ticketing Machines. The bills tinker with requiring mandatory study periods, lengthening the “yellow change interval” at intersections, etc.

These are prime examples of trying to make a bad law into a law that is “less bad”. The tinkering bills would make the law worse than it already is!

If there is a bad law on the books, the right thing to do is to repeal the law.

Support HB 1823 that simply repeals Automated Ticketing Machines.

Contact your representative today!

Thank you for all you do!