We did it! We have enough signatures to let the people decide on the cameras in Mukilteo! The response from the people was very encouraging!
I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the city council will probably vote again and reverse the decision to install the cameras. Mukilteo Councilman Kevin Stoltz was the 1909th person to sign the petition. Stoltz was out of town (conveniently) when Mayor Joe Marine cast the tie breaking vote to put in the cameras. If Stoltz had been there, the cameras would have never been approved.

From King 5

MUKILTEO, Wash. – Just over 1,900 signatures were turned over to Mukilteo City Hall Wednesday in an effort to reverse the city council’s decision to install red light cameras at two intersections.

The grassroots petition drive, led by anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, presented the signatures to create Initiative 2, which could lead to a public vote in August on the controversial camera issue.

“We’ve gone door-to-door and the opposition to these things was amazing,” Eyman said. “People want to decide themselves.”
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