Great news! Friday Morning in Snohomish County Superior Court, Judge Michael T. Downes, ruled that the Mukilteo initiative will be allowed to go on the November ballot, in spite of the claims made by the ATS front group “Mukilteo Citizens for Simple Government” that this topic was not subject to the initiative process.

Judge Downes said, “This is a unique situation where citizens want to vote but also the city council, the duly elected representatives, also want to hear from the electorate.”  He went on to say “A lawsuit at this point is premature.  I don’t know how voters are going to vote on this but I see no harm in letting them vote.  If it is approved, plaintiffs or those with interest in this issue can file a legal challenge afterward, but again, I see no harm in having this proceed.”

We had great legal representation, from Groen Stephens Law Firm. But we still need your help to pay for the legal fees. Please make a generous donation, $10, $20, $100 or even $1,000, every bit counts. To continue the fight, please make a donation online through our fellow co-sponsor of the initiative, Washington Campaign for Liberty. Or you can make checks payable to: Groen Stephens Law Firm and write Mukilteo Initiative #2 in the“Note” field and send the checks to : Groen Stephens Law Firm – Mukilteo Initiative ; 11100 Northeast 8th Street;  Bellevue, WA 98004-4469
We appreciate everything you have done to help us push back Big Brother and create a safer driving experience, people like you really make a difference. We have successfully passed many milestones along our journey to end photo-fraud statewide and we are anxious to report the next victory, thank you for your contribution.