Lawmakers need to hear from you Today!

The good news is: Finally our voices have been heard and The state legislature is ready to do something about red light/speed cameras. This Tuesday, Feb 1st at 3:30 there will be hearings in Olympia at the capitol complex to discuss three pieces of legislation designed to address some of our concerns. The hearings will be in the John L. O’Brien Building in House Hearing Room B. It’s Important to get there early.

The bad news is: None of the bills being offered for discussion end photo-enforcement, they all either expand it (HB1279 ) or tinker with it in some way (HB1098 & HB1099) . We need to speak out against these bills before the legislature makes red light/speed cameras even more troublesome. Let’s demand an end to photo-enforcement!

Attend the hearings and speak out against photo-Enforcement. Hearings in Olympia are typically filled with lobbyists who want to exploit Washington citizens for their own profit and Tuesday won’t be any different. Citizen voices in Olympia are very powerful! Legislators know you really care when you go out of your way to attend a hearing. It’s important that everyone attend, even if you don’t speak out! Come support the most vocal opponents of photo-enforcement.

When: This Tuesday, Feb 1st, 3;30 PM (show up at least 30 min early if possible)

State Capitiol Olympia
John L. O’Brien Building
House Hearing Room B
416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW
Olympia, WA 98501

Click here for a map of the capitol campus

You don’t need to testify – but your presence is very important. We need to have as many people on our side as possible!

Below are the legislators supporting the expansion of Photo-Enforcement (HB1279), they need to hear from you:

Bill Sponsor:

Bill Co-Sponsors:

Write or call your legislators and tell them it’s time to end the State’s Photo-Enforcement pilot program.
You can find your legislator by going here.