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RE: Mukilteo Initiative No. 2 — Let The People Decide on Red Light Cameras in Mukilteo

Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council members:

This letter provides you with our official notification that, starting today, we will work very hard over the coming weeks to collect enough signatures – at least 1804 valid ones – on petitions for Mukilteo Initiative No. 2 to ensure a reconsideration of Ordinance #1246, adopted by the City Council on a split vote last week, concerning automated ticketing machines. We are targeting the Aug. 17 primary ballot.

We firmly believe that Mukilteo’s citizens oppose this Big Brother, profit-making policy and oppose the process by which it was adopted. Our signature drive for Mukilteo Initiative No. 2 will give the citizens of this community the chance to decide this issue. Here’s what Mukilteo I-2 does:

  • Repeals government-imposed automated ticketing machines in Mukilteo
  • Requires Mukilteo’s city government to get voter approval if they try again
  • Removes the profit-motive by limiting fines
  • Protects democracy and due process

The language of the petition is clear: We, the undersigned voters of Mukilteo, require that, unless passed by the City Council, this ordinance – Mukilteo Initiative No. 2 – be submitted to a vote of the registered voters of the city of Mukilteo, subject to the requirements of RCW 35.17.260.

Please notify us immediately by telephone at (425) 493-9127 if there are any additional actions we are required to take followed by a letter providing that information. If you have any questions, please call.

Respectively submitted,
Nick Sherwood, Alex Rion- WA State Campaign for Liberty, Tim