We are very happy to announce that the Everett Herald has written up a very nice endorsement of Mukilteo Initiative 2!

Cameras shouldn’t be ATMs

On election night, most Washington voters will have their eyes fixed on results of the U.S. Senate race. Meanwhile, city and county officials across the state will be watching the returns from Mukilteo with unusual interest.

Mukilteo voters will be the first in the state to weigh in on automated traffic safety cameras. If they approve Initiative 2, they’ll be sending a message far beyond their own city limits.

Initiative 2, promoted by Mukilteo’s own Tim Eyman (yes, that Tim Eyman), would put future decisions to install red-light and school-zone speed cameras into the hands of voters, and essentially remove revenue as a motive behind them.

When the Legislature passed a bill allowing the use of ticket-issuing cameras five years ago, it was touted as a safety measure, not a financial bonanza for local governments. That didn’t seem to last long — revenue quickly became a major incentive. Budget-strapped Lynnwood, the only city in Snohomish County to install cameras so far, couldn’t do without the millions they’re generating from cameras.

We endorse Initiative 2, and the very clear message it will send. Technology intended to make communities safer shouldn’t be exploited as a government cash cow.