Traffic cams: Groups form to protest governments raising funds with red-light, speed cameras
From the Tacoma News Tribune

Saying that traffic cameras, including red light cameras, are used to generate revenue rather than promote safety, members of, a local anti-traffic-camera group, bring their message to Lakewood in March. The man in the box is Pete Chamberlain of Lakewood.

To get the attention of passing drivers, Nick Sherwood covered his head with a giant cardboard box shaped like a traffic camera. A sign that hung from his neck said, “Will Flash For Ca$h.”

Nearby, others held signs with slogans such as “Honk if you hate cams” and “Safety before profit.”

Above them, they counted 11 photo-enforcement cameras that snapped away at passing vehicles in the intersection of state Route 512 and South Tacoma Way.

“We saw tickets being issued every minute, every time the light was changing,” said Tim Stocker of Tacoma, who was among two dozen camera critics who staged their first protest last month in Lakewood. “They’d get caught in the wide intersection, because the traffic would pile up. Boom, there’s another” $101 ticket. READ MORE…