Very nice mention of our efforts in Washington. Check out the ironic street name in the photo below.

An automated traffic enforcement camera records red-light violations at an Interstate-10 off-ramp in Baton Rouge 2009 photo by Tim Mueller, AP

Traffic cameras divide nation’s drivers
By Larry Copeland,

Along the USA’s streets and highways, one issue mirrors the nation’s partisan divide: using cameras to catch drivers who speed or run red lights.

Some communities embrace the devices and pass laws to allow them; others protest their presence or enact laws to abolish them.

Advocates of cameras say automated traffic enforcement is going to be increasingly necessary as the nation seeks further reductions in road deaths. The National Safety Council supports such enforcement “solely for its safety benefit.” The Federal Highway Administration says such “technology can make highways safer.” READ MORE

It’s awesome to get the attention of the national media! But we have a lot of work ahead of us!
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