Wenatchee Initiative 2

Wenatchee Initiative 2

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Wenatchee Initiative #2

Wenatchee’s Mayor and City Council refused to listen to you with Wenatchee Initiative #1,
so we ask you to sign Wenatchee Initiative #2 to show them that you refuse to give up!


City of Wenatchee:

Mayor Dennis Johnson and City Councilmembers Jim Bailey, Tony Veeder, Karen Rutherford, Doug Miller, Mark Kulaas, Don Gurnard, & Carolyn Case


RE:  Wenatchee Initiative #2 – If at first you don’t succeed, try try again


Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council members:


Rather than listen to your constituents, you sued them.  This letter provides you with our official notification that, starting today, we will work very hard over the coming weeks to collect enough signatures – at least 2273 valid ones – for Wenatchee Initiative #2 to provide the voters with the public vote on automatic ticketing cameras they deserve.  We are targeting the November ballot.


Since the signature drive for Wenatchee Initiative #1 was going like gangbusters until the Mayor, City Council, and red-light camera company teamed up and decided to sue Wenatchee’s citizens, we are even more convinced that Wenatchee’s citizens oppose your obnoxious taxation-by-citation scheme and abhor the obstruction that the Mayor and City Council have employed to maintain it.  Our signature drive for Wenatchee Initiative #2 will give the citizens of Wenatchee the chance to express their disgust with the Council and their sleazy tactics and to pursue a public vote on an issue they clearly care about.  Here’s what Wenatchee I-2 does:


  • Shows city officials that their decision to sue the voters backfired
  • Guarantees a public vote on government-imposed automatic ticketing cameras
  • Gives the people the chance to tell city officials that they want the ticketing cameras removed now


The language of the petition is clear:  We, the undersigned voters of Wenatchee, require that, unless passed by the City Council, this ordinance – Wenatchee Initiative No. 2 – be submitted to a vote of the registered voters of the city of Wenatchee, subject to the requirements of Wenatchee Municipal Code 1.03 and RCW 35A.11.080-.100.


You made a huge mistake suing your own citizens rather than listening to them.  The people of Wenatchee deserve a public vote on automatic ticketing cameras now, not later.  And their decision should be implemented.  You are elected to represent the people, not rule over them.  We will continue to fight for the rights of Wenatchee’s voters who signed on to a public vote and we will not stop until they get it.


With great passion, conviction, and sincerity,



Matt Erickson           Nick Sherwood                  Alex Rion                                 Tim Eyman


cc:  Attorney Richard Stephens – Groen, Stephens, & Klinge Law Firm


“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Wenatchee Initiative #2, 108 N Buchanan Ave #201, Wenatchee, WA, 98801

ph: 509-387-6235, matt@freedomfranks.com, www.BanCams.com/Wenatchee2