Transportation Safety Coalition

January 24, 2011

City of Bellingham:

Mayor Dan Pike and City Councilmembers Jack Weiss, Gene Knutson, Barry Buchanan, Stan Snapp, Terry Bornemann, Michael Lilliquist, and Seth Fleetwood

RE: Bellingham Initiative No. 2011-01 — Let The People Decide on Red Light Cameras in Bellingham

Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council members:

This letter provides you with our official notification that we will be filing our initiative tomorrow at 12 noon and we will work very hard over the coming weeks and months to collect enough signatures – at least 3880 valid ones – on petitions for Bellingham Initiative No. 2011-01 to ensure a reconsideration of Ordinance #2010-12-064 concerning automatic ticketing cameras.  We are targeting the May ballot.

We firmly believe that Bellingham’s citizens oppose this Big Brother, profit-making policy and oppose the process by which it was adopted.  Our signature drive for Bellingham Initiative No. 2011-01 will give the citizens of this community the chance to decide this issue.  Here’s what our initiative does:

  • Repeals government-imposed automatic ticketing cameras in Bellingham;
  • Requires Bellingham’s city government to get voter approval if they try again;
  • Removes the profit-motive by limiting fines; and
  • Protects democracy and due process.

The language of the petition is clear:  We, the undersigned registered voters of the City of Bellingham … respectfully petition the City Council to enact said proposed measure into law; furthermore, if the City Council fails to enact this measure that it be submitted to a vote of the people ….

Please notify us immediately by telephone at 817-713-6880 if there are any additional actions we are required to take followed by a letter providing that information. If you have any questions, please call.

Respectively submitted,


Johnny Weaver                 Nick Sherwood               Alex Rion                                  Tim Eyman

Trans. Safety Coalition       WA Campaign for Liberty

cc:  Attorney Richard Stephens – Groen, Stephens, & Klinge Law Firm

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

Transportation Safety Coalition, 3015 Mossop Dr, Bellingham, WA, 98229