We may not have been able to get our opposing statement in the voters pamphlet, but we won’t let that stop us…

Here’s a quote from the SkyValleyChronicle.com:

Still ticked off at what they see as Monroe Mayor Bob Zimmerman’s move to “sabotage” an opposing statement in the voter’s pamphlet for next month’s election about Monroe’s city sponsored measure dealing with the red light camera issue, ban-the-cam groups will be out in the Monroe area this weekend undertaking “Operation Paper Blizzard.”

Groups opposed to the cameras – and equally opposed to what they view as Zimmerman’s anti-voter, anti-open government positions – plan to blanket the Monroe area with the flyer at right.

It is their way of getting into the public domain the “opposing statement” to Monroe’s city sponsored measure in the November ballot that they claim Zimmerman crushed.

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Download the flyer here.