How to fight red light camera tickets



This advice ONLY applies to Washington State.

For information on other states, check out this page.


The court system is stacked against victims of red-light/speed-camera tickets. They are hoping you will just give up and pay the ticket. Don’t.


We have sample affidavits / red light camera declaration of non-responsibility forms, that you can send to the court (see below). When you’re sent a camera ticket they will usually send you their own version of a declaration of non-responsibility. But they ask you to name the driver, which is NOT required by law.

Some cities like Issaquah, PuyallupLakewood actually have links to their own Declaration of non-responsibility, that doesn’t ask you for information that you’re not legally required to give.

Lynnwood‘s, Renton‘s and Bellevue‘s websites have one, but they ask you to name the person who was driving (not required by law). But most cities don’t offer you any information about how to get out of the ticket, besides info on how to go to court. You don’t need to go to court!  You should NOT have to go to court if you send in an affidavit/declaration.


1. Download an affidavit/declaration for the city you recieved a ticket in:

Make sure you edit these areas to reflect the court’s info (if you’re using a blank form) and your info, and sign it:

2. Mail your affidavit/declaration to the actual city municipal court (address is printed on the sample affidavits above). AND send in the “declaration of non-responsibility” that they sent you to the address they request it be sent to. BUT do not name the driver on their form. Leave it blank, or write “unknown” – it is NOT required by law.

3. It could take a week or four but the court will probably send you a letter to tell you that they have received your documents. They don’t always, but most do.

4. We can’t say for sure how long it will take for the court to respond, but it typically takes about 1-2 months. You should receive a letter stating that it has been dismissed.

Facts to know about this “ticket”:

  • It will NOT go on your driving record, paid or not. It is treated like a parking ticket.
  • It will not effect your car insurance rates. It may effect your credit rating if unpaid though.
  • It may have official city letterhead, but it was sent by the out-of-state company that owns and makes money from the cameras.
  • The law says that the registered owner of the vehicle is presumed guilty UNLESS “the registered owner states, under oath, in a written statement to the court or in testimony before the court that the vehicle involved was, at the time, stolen or in the care, custody, or control of some person other than the registered owner”
What the law says about ticket cameras

Notice the out of state addresses?

Confirmation that the affidavit has been received.

Notification that the ticket was dismissed.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fill out the declaration of non-responsibility?

Make sure all the highlighted areas are changed to the proper information (the correct court, and your information). Here is an example of the areas you will need to modify.

Can I just fill out the city's declaration instead?

Yes you can, but just be careful not to give them more information than you legally have to. You are not legally required to “tattle” on the actual driver.

From the Tacoma New Tribune: 

Traffic Q&A: Car owner not required to tattle on red-light runner

December 07, 2014 03:44 PM

Updated December 07, 2014 04:45 PM

What if there are 2 registered owners?

Fill out the declaration of non-responsibility for the person that the notice was mailed to.

Does this apply to a company registered vehicle?

Yes, you can send in a declaration of non-responsibility for notices that are sent to vehicles registered to a company/organization. If you can sign legal documents for the company/organization, you can sign the declaration.

I mailed in a declaration, but I haven't heard anything back

Some cities mail you a dismissal. Some don’t. Or they take a VERY long time.

If you are concerned about it, you should call them and ask if it has been received.

I mailed in a declaration but I still got a hearing date!

Reasons that this could happen:

  • You didn’t mail the declaration before the deadline.
  • You didn’t fill out the declaration with all the information it needed (notice number, date, signature, etc)
  • The city isn’t following the law.

It is unfortunate, but some cities make up their own rules (sometimes). If this has happened to you, calling/emailing them might not help, but it is worth a shot. Politely explain that the law says that you only need to send in a written sworn declaration of non-responsibility OR testify before the court – NOT both.

And you can always write to your legislators & news outlets and let them know that state law is not being followed by that city. © 2018 © 2018