More camera company front groups discovered

More Evidence Shows that Traffic Camera Vendor, ATS, Falls Short of Meeting Washington State’s Ethical Standards. uncovers a mountain of front groups that American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has used to deceive citizens across the country. This discovery builds on top of the evidence that was uncovered in our previous post. Last Friday we wrote about the deceptive tactics that ATS has been using here and in Texas. We got curious and did a little detective work and found 13 additional front group websites, on top of the 3, from College Station (website no longer up), Baytown and Houston Texas, that we were already aware of. All of them are registered to Advarion, Inc. a company that makes websites for ATS.

ATS had the nerve to use it’s cookie cutter formula for deception even after Oscar Halpert of reported that George Hittner, ATS vice president for governmental relations, said that ATS is not providing financial assistance in the lawsuit against the citizens of Mukilteo. Sounds like the ATS recipe for success doesn’t include honesty. Why do they need front groups? What are they trying to hide?

>>Update: Since this was posted, we have discovered 2 more front group websites, pictures of them are now included below. Bringing the total websites to 18. To top it off we have also discovered another 25 website domains, all with similar names, all registered to Advarion, Inc. These don’t have any content on them, but it does show intent.  These are the domain names (you can click them to see who they are registered to):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Below are screen shots of all the websites that we found. Some of them are no longer online, but we were able to view them via the cached pages that Google provides. Notice the similarities? Many of the websites look identical and the text is, in fact, identical.
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  1. G.F. "Hookman&q


    Another person you need to look up is David Saperstein.He is the one who first brought red light cameras, and other "safety" related scams to Houston, Texas.You can bet he got paid plenty from the camera companies and the city officials who bought into his scams. The local newspaper, the Houston Chronicle repeatedly referred to David Saperstein as "the Billionaire" with the quotes as I have done.The use of the quotes show that he is not really a billionaire but that the name is simply an appellation used to infer that he, and his ideas, are something special that would be good for all of us, as in :"He's a billionaire. He must be right with what he says."

    This entire red light affair is just a sordid scam, designed, planned, and promulgated by greedy people who only want more money and power.

    How do we know the rich, who have been known to break laws, are not getting a free ride on these cameras.How easy is it for the police officers, who look at those pictures, to ignore violations by anyone they want to?

    G.F. "Hookman" Brown

    Houston, Texas 77082


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