Lynnwood issued bogus speeding tickets

If you have received a speeding ticket from a camera in front of Lynnwood elementary, watch the KING5 video below. You could get your money back. Props to Paul Cesmat for fighting back!

A Seattle man fought Lynnwood City Hall over a $124 speeding ticket generated by an automatic camera and won. Now, a judge’s ruling in his favor could mean big consequences for this cash-strapped city.

“I knew I was right,” said Paul Cesmat. Determined to get his camera-generated speeding ticket dismissed, he spent his own money and lots of time fighting the City of Lynnwood.



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  1. awol

    Does not everyone see the REAL underlying problem here with the city of Lynnwood officials. Instead of just moving the light for the school zone to the sign like any REAL and honest leader of a city would do, these pompous jerks dug in their heels and told every citizen of this state to take a hike and said nobody tells us what to do. I hope this city is flooded with appeals on their tickets.

    On a related matter, what exactly does that mean "when children are present". Present where? on the road, or sidewalk, 100 feet off the road, or just on the school property, or what? Could these signs be any less vague? And who exactly are "children"? Under 19? Does that make us all have to be experts in deciding who are or are not "children"?