King 5 takes on the camera issue

King5 did a very good job covering this issue. They even got an interview with ATS!



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  1. Linda Smoots

    It costs money to install & operate cameras. The traffic is ghastly in Lynnwood, so you may have to wait 20 minutes for a light, because the lights change so quickly, only 2-3 cars can get through!

    I will NEVER drive or shop in Lynnwood anymore, because I am against these cameras. Their yellow lights are not shown at a legal rate, and one has no way to tell how long it has been on. I hope this system slows the business in these areas.

  2. Ed

    If you've got a digital camera which shows both the time and the date in the frame —and many do— then you might just for the fun of it, park somewhere near one or more of the lights and take some video.

    TIP: What you want to do first —BEFORE filming— is to get a feel for the light times so that you know when they are about the change, that way you won't get all jerky when the light does change.

    Additionally, if a cop questions you about what you're doing, all you have to say is that you're gathering information for a law suit. YOU DO NOT have to say which one.

    If she/he attempts to take the camera, demand a property receipt, their name and shift supervisor, and IMMEDIATELY LODGE A COMPLAINT with the police department and city.

    DO BE SURE to get a WRITTEN statement from the cop(s) indicating WHY your property is being confiscated.

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