How to fight red light/speed camera tickets

What if you weren’t driving? What if you didn’t do anything wrong?

The court system is stacked against victims of red-light/speed-camera tickets. You could spend countless hours of time proving that your ticket was a scam. They are hoping you will just give up and pay the ticket. Don’t. There are easy ways to beat the red-light ticket scam. Our advice is below. Facts to know about this “ticket”:

    • It will NOT go on your driving record, paid or not. It is treated like a parking ticket. It will not effect your car insurance rates. It may effect your credit rating if unpaid though.


    • It may have official city letterhead, but it was sent by the out-of-state company that owns and makes money from the cameras.


  • The law says that the registered owner of the vehicle is presumed guilty UNLESS “the registered owner states, under oath, in a written statement to the court or in testimony before the court that the vehicle involved was, at the time, stolen or in the care, custody, or control of some person other than the registered owner”

    RCW 46.63.075 Safety camera infractions — Presumption.

    RCW 46.63.075
    Safety camera infractions — Presumption.

We have a sample affidavit that you can modify and send to the court (instead of the paperwork that they send you to fill out). You should NOT have to go to court if you send in an affidavit. We are not lawyers and don’t guarantee that this will work, especially since each city’s judges vary greatly, but we haven’t heard of anyone having problems with this method yet.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Download this sample affidavit, and modify all the RED text with your information.

2.  Copy the documents that were sent to you and include them with your affidavit.

3. Do NOT fill out any paperwork that was sent with the ticket.

4. Mail everything to the actual city municipal court, not to the out of state address on the ticket. You might have to look it up.

5. It could take a week or two but the court will probably send you a letter to tell you that they have received your documents.

6. We can’t say for sure how long it will take for the court to respond, but it typically takes about two months. You should receive a letter stating that it has been dismissed.


Wrong Affidavit

(CLICK TO ENLARGE)           Do not fill out any documents that are sent with your ticket

(CLICK TO ENLARGE)           Letter from the court. Acknowledging they have received the documents.

Confirmation from the court that the ticket was dismissed.

(CLICK TO ENLARGE)       Confirmation from the court that the ticket was dismissed.

Tell us your stories on how you fought them, and what the outcome was. Please remember to include the location of the court you dealt with, since it varies widely from city to city. Please tell your stories in the comment box below, so you can help out other people with your experiences!

  • #1 written by Mitch Dowler
    about 6 years ago

    Here are some tips if you ever get a ticket from a traffic camera.

    1. DO NOT use the form they send you with the ticket in any way.

    2. DO CONTACT ME through Facebook and I will send you the form you need to get the ticket dropped.


    1. Vehicles are often registered in multiple peoples names such as married couples….

    2. Only one person gets a ticket mailed to them.

    3. It is illegal to photograph the person driving and they HAVE NO IDEA who actually should get the citation.

    4. The form sent with the citation DOES NOT allow you to simply say it was NOT YOU driving the vehicle when the photo was taken.

  • #2 written by Craig Vernon
    about 6 years ago

    The judge agreed and determined my violation did not occur at the Puyallup eastbound Meridian to northbound River road location–the yellow duration is below federal standards. Check the yellow duration if you were caught within a few tenths of a second after the red. Many of these yellow durations are set at or below Federal standards. Use the video to time the yellow it should be a minimum of 1 second per 10 mph posted speed. If it is close, also argue the delay to full red–it is 2 tenths of a second–you must see a fully illuminated red prior to crossing the stop bar to have the violation effective. If the video shows the red increasing illumination as you cross the stop bar, you are not guilty. If all these yellow durations were 2 tenths of a second above federal minimums only the true violators would be caught but the ticket count would be negligible.

  • #3 written by Satpal Saini
    about 6 years ago

    Took a friend to lunch in Renton downtown on the last Election day. Going back to work went through the 3rd street crossing and I saw the school zone sign that says "Speed Limit 20 when light flashing or children present". It was 1:25 pm and the light was not flashing and there were no children because school was being used as a polling station. I was doing about 26 miles an hour. I got ticket in the mail. I went to the Renton Municipal Court and I was informed by the judge that that camera is enforced by time limit and not by the flashing light warning. There is no sign on that street that says it is enforced from 7am to 2:30 pm. The $124 ticket was reduced to $74.00. Renton is running the biggest scam in the state to extort money out of travellers…

  • #4 written by Bob Wheeler
    about 6 years ago

    I received my camera ticket at the Fife location for the free right hand turn. It was $124.00 so I contested in writing as it was very close as to whether I can to a complete stop or not. The ticket was reduced to $25.00 as it is considered a parking ticket only. So I RECOMMEND everyone who gets a camera ticket at least contest it by mail it and it should be reduced and the camera company gets NO $$$$$.

  • #5 written by Bob Wheeler
    about 6 years ago

    At least contest the ticket by mail. My initial $124.00 free right hand turn ticket was reduced to the parking ticket amount of $25.00. It was a close call as to whether I actually did come to a complete stop so I decided to contest it and I now have a parking ticket on my record. Ha to the redflex company. No money for you!

  • #6 written by Scott Kuhn
    about 6 years ago

    For my defense earlier in the year (Puyallup), I decided to do something a little different, and prepared six separate arguments, with the very last one being the ACTUAL proof that I was not the driver. Outlined these arguments (and how it went over in court) on my blog at

    Charges were dismissed.

    The more I've thought about it, the more I think that one argument that should be pushed more is that of the issuing of the citation under RCW 46.63.030 (1)(e), which is clear that an officer must issue the ticket, and from these notice of infractions, it is abundantly clear that the officer is only reviewing, not issuing the ticket…both the return address and payment address on the form are for an out-of-state third-party private company.

    If anyone wishes to discuss any of these, please feel free to email me @

  • #7 written by Greg
    about 6 years ago

    Just carefully mark the ticket form that the driver was not you and you don't know who it was because you loaned the car out that day and they have no recourse and cannot pursue you. If everyone battles them that way, the cameras will not make money and go away. There is simply no way to prove you were driving so "you weren't"

  • #8 written by Ian Noe
    about 6 years ago

    In my ticket experience, there was a gentleman who orally recited the statute which mandates that an officer of the law has to physically cite you for the ticket but the judge basically ignored him. I was stunned. This was in Puyallyp incidentally. This is nothing short of a racket promoted under the guise of safety.

  • #9 written by Scott Kuhn
    about 6 years ago

    Ian…any chance your experience was in February in Puyallup? Sounds an awful lot like my experience (link above)…though it wouldn't be surprising at all to have the judge ignore law and reason on more than one account…!

  • #10 written by Charles Driscoll
    about 6 years ago

    The red light camera in fife took a photo of my licence plate when the car behind me was the one that ran the red light. I subpoenaed the officer to verify which car he was "citing". He pointed to the car behind me and said that was me. Even though I showed the judge a picture of my car (from the owners manual) he still ruled against me. This is grossly unjust. The photo that came in the mail from the prosecutor days after my hearing not only clearly shows my plate on the car in front but also clearly shows me and my passenger in the car. I've tried to reach the Fife Police Dept administrator in charge of the camera operation to point out the flaw with the camera and get nothing but voicemail. I really want to fight the flaw I discovered but get nowhere. Please email me if you can help!!!

  • #11 written by Ellen Nygaard
    about 6 years ago

    May 2010 I got a ticket for speeding. Not a red light like the rest of you here. I am going to request a hearing to explain the circumstances. i will get back to you how this goes.

    Here is what happened. Driving along River Road in the city of Puyallup moving west toward Tacoma and just along the Indian Cemetary, there is a stretch of road called Bay St. now, River Road has a speed limit of 50, while Bay street has one of 35. Yes there is a posted sign (I now know this). But if one is actually driving with the flow of traffic on River Road and then crosses through the intersection onto a road that is curved and on a decline, the last thing I am going to do as a driver is look out to the right to the side of the road for a speed sign. (not only that, I didnt know I was in Tacoma City Limits there) If you know this small stretch of road, you may agree. I was going 49, which is reasonable for River Road, then crossed through the intersection, and simply was concentrating on maneuvering the corner turn, and most likely was slowing down. I would not slam on my breaks at that point as the road swerves and everyone behind me is doing 50mph. Doing so would be insane and most likely cause a pile up. I am hoping the arbitrator agrees this is reasonable. I will let you all know what happens.

    In the interim – food for thought. All the comments were very helpful. So just my two cents. – – The address for my return envelope is not out of state, as posted for others. It is Tacoma Municipal Court. However, my form may be different because the infraction is different. ( red light vs. speeding)

    Secondly, on my form there is a space to check "the person named on the citation was not the driver". Since I was the driver, I won't in all good conscience check that one. (they most likely added this one.) hope this is helpful. Watch out on Bay St.

  • #12 written by Mike
    about 6 years ago

    I received a red light camera ticket in the mail from Puyallup. It was my vehicle but I was not in the state at the time of the infraction so I sent in the form claiming I was not the driver and because I was not present I could not identify the driver. They rejected that so I contested the ticket. I went to court armed with credit card receipts from my travels on the day in question and airline receipts showing my travel. This should be enough proof that I was not the driver and that I could not identify the driver, as I was not present. The judge ignored it all and ruled against me, dropped the fine from $124 to $90.

  • #13 written by Mike Matteson
    about 6 years ago

    Satpal Saini:

    Took a friend to lunch in Renton downtown on the last Election day. Going back to work went through the 3rd street crossing and I saw the school zone sign that says “Speed Limit 20 when light flashing or children present”. It was 1:25 pm and the light was not flashing and there were no children because school was being used as a polling station. I was doing about 26 miles an hour. I got ticket in the mail. I went to the Renton Municipal Court and I was informed by the judge that that camera is enforced by time limit and not by the flashing light warning. There is no sign on that street that says it is enforced from 7am to 2:30 pm. The $124 ticket was reduced to $74.00. Renton is running the biggest scam in the state to extort money out of travellers…

  • #14 written by jeremy
    about 6 years ago

    just lie and say it was someone else. its not like you are robbing a church

  • #15 written by Mike Matteson
    about 6 years ago


    just lie and say it was someone else. its not like you are robbing a church

  • #16 written by Trevor
    about 6 years ago

    I also received a speeding ticket in Lynnwood via camera in the "school zone" where children were nowhere to be seen. I recognize that the traffic camera tickets do not go on your record but I would assume that the speeding tickets do.

    Does anyone know the answer to this?

  • #17 written by Mike M.
    about 6 years ago

    Like your logic Jeremy. Although, thieves don't like to be taken in a likewise manner! Like pokin' sticks in a bee's nest!

  • #18 written by Neal
    about 6 years ago

    I received a red light ticket on a right turn on 20th St in Fife.
    When I called the Municipal Court they told me it was against State law to go over the white line. I contested the ticket in court and it was dismissed because the video clearly showed that I stopped. The court was forgiving the whited line violation as long as the vehicle came to a complete stop.
    In cases where the video showed the vehicle did not completely stop, the infraction penalty was reduced from $129.00 to $100.00. According to the judge on duty that day, the infractions are not placed on the driving record and are similar to a parking ticket.

  • #19 written by Allan E. Poinsett
    about 6 years ago

    I received a ticket from the City of Auburn for supposedly violating the speed limit in a school zone while Northbound on Auburn Way in April. When I got the ticket, I was a little fuzzy about the details, so I went down and redrove the supposed route….Then I remembered. It was a weekday, just before noon and just before the school is posted a large sign with lights.."20 mph when lights flashing".. and that sign was NOT flashing. The road takes a moderate curve to the left, and my focus was on the school (on the right hand side) wondering why the school was not is session… Then on the LEFT hand side of the road, there was a flashing yellow light… BINGO! Gotcha…. The video show me applying the brakes as I pass the light decelerating from 34 MPH.

    I have a hearing on July 8th, and now notice that Auburn has these damn cameras all over the place…

    You better watch your step in Auburn…..

  • #20 written by John Parnell
    about 6 years ago

    I received a ticket at a red light camera in Spokane. My case was for a right turn on red. According to state law the company (in this case ATS) is to notify you within 14 days of the infraction. The company mailed the notice 18 days after the incident, and I received it in the mail 21 days after the incident. All correspondence that I received came from a mail address in Texas. If I wanted to contest it, I could do so by mail to Arizona. If I wanted to pay, I could pay to Cincinatti, OH. None of this was dealing with the city of spokane. I tried to contest by mail with my signed affidavit as I live in Bothell, and I didn't want to send my evidence to a private company in Arizona, without it being reviewed by Spokane. I received notice back that it was denied and that I should pay up. I called Spokane, and they told me that they have no record of the infractions at their office, and that I have to call the ATS company in Arizona. ATS then sent me a notice of past due and tacked on an additional $25, eventhough I was in the process of dealing with Spokane City. Finally I was able to get through to a very helpful lady at the Spokane city and she suggested that I email her copies of my evidence, including the postmarked envelope. I did that, and today I received notice back from ATS that I was again denied. The judge apparently has no regard for the law as far as citizens are concerned, and the only ones who matter are the corporations. As a matter of fact, I really don't know if it was really reviewed by a judge, since none of the correspondence has come from the city of Spokane. All letters come from ATS in Texas on the City of Spokane letterhead. There is no justice in Washington where these cameras are concerned.

  • #21 written by E. H.
    about 6 years ago

    Got a ticket for a right turn red light without stopping. My girlfriend drove our daughter to school that morning. Filled out the form that I was not driving and they closed the ticket. I even gave them her name and same address as mine. I imagine if I was driving and told them I wasn't, the outcome would be the same. Hope this can help some because I just received another right turn on red. I did not stop all the way but it was right when the light was turning green and shows in the video! But I was over the line but not turned yet. Anyone have any ideas if the " I was not driving" excuse would work a second time in 2 months? By the way, this is in Burien and I'm ready to move out of here.

  • #22 written by Kasey
    about 6 years ago

    Twice in one week my husband received a camera ticket from the same intersection in Federal Way where there was a free right hand turn. When the tickets arrived we went online and watched the videos and he clearly stops (before the white line) before turning right in both. Of course we contested the tickets, even sent in pictures from the intersection showing that there was no sign stating no right on red. We had recently moved from Eatonville to Tacoma and our mail was being forwarded. The notification for the hearing date came two days late to our new address. Because we did not show for the hearing we are required to pay the fine, plus a late fee. I WILL NOT pay this fine (even at the risk of harming my credit) because he did nothing unlawfu on top of the fact that the checks must be sent to an address in Arizona!! I have called the city repeatedly and left messages with no response. I am open to any advice…

  • #23 written by BanCams
    about 6 years ago

    If you have received a Red Light Ticket at the intersection of River Road and Meridian, in Puyallup – AND paid money (either just paid the ticket or paid any amount to the court). Contact Mike Stewart at 253-383-5346 or at He is an attorney and wants to help you get your money back. This will not cost you anything. This is only for the River Road & Meridian intersection in Puyallup.

  • #24 written by FatSam
    about 6 years ago

    I am selling a car, potential buyer shows me his drivers license and proof of insurance, I did not write it down. Left his car at my place and drove my car for 20 minutes. A month later I get a camera speeding ticket in the mail. No law in Washington State stipulates an vehicles owner obligated to pay this fine. Why would you?

  • #25 written by L.W.
    about 6 years ago

    Received a red light ticket in Fife about two months ago. I was not in the car at the time. I wrote on the ticket where you are suppose to name the driver at the time of the infraction UNABLE TO NAME DRIVER AS I WAS NOT PRESENT. I have not heard back from the court as of yet so Im hoping they threw it out . Oh and be sure if you do decide to fight the ticket or pay it be sure you send it in to them by return recipt for proof you sent it in by the due date or they might just say they never received you mail.