How to fight red light/speed camera tickets

WASHINGTON STATE Red light camera declaration of non-responsibility Seattle, Fife, Puyallup, Auburn, Tacoma, Lynnwood, 

What if you weren’t driving?
What if you didn’t do anything wrong?

This advice ONLY applies to Washington State. 
For information on other states, check out this page.

You could spend countless hours of time proving that your ticket was a scam.

The court system is stacked against victims of red-light/speed-camera tickets. They are hoping you will just give up and pay the ticket. Don’t.

There are easy ways to beat the red-light/speed camera ticket scam, WITHOUT going to court. Our advice is below.

We have a sample affidavit / red light camera declaration of non-responsibility, that you can modify and send to the court (instead of the paperwork that they send you to fill out). You should NOT have to go to court if you send in an affidavit. We are not lawyers and don’t guarantee that this will work, especially since each city’s judges vary greatly, but we haven’t heard of anyone having problems with this method yet.

1. Download this sample affidavit / red light camera declaration of non-responsibility, and modify all the RED text to fit your information.

2.  Copy the documents that were sent to you and include them with your affidavit. Keep the originals. 

3. Do NOT fill out any paperwork that was sent with the ticket.

4. Mail everything to the actual city municipal court, Be careful not to send it to an out of state address that might be printed on the “ticket”. You might have to look up the address of the court. 

5. It could take a week or two but the court will probably send you a letter to tell you that they have received your documents.

6. We can’t say for sure how long it will take for the court to respond, but it typically takes about 1-2 months. You should receive a letter stating that it has been dismissed.

Facts to know about this “ticket”:

  • It will NOT go on your driving record, paid or not. It is treated like a parking ticket.
  • It will not effect your car insurance rates. It may effect your credit rating if unpaid though.

  • It may have official city letterhead, but it was sent by the out-of-state company that owns and makes money from the cameras.

  • The law says that the registered owner of the vehicle is presumed guilty UNLESS “the registered owner states, under oath, in a written statement to the court or in testimony before the court that the vehicle involved was, at the time, stolen or in the care, custody, or control of some person other than the registered owner”
RCW 46.63.075 Safety camera infractions — Presumption.
Don't use the forms they send!
Photo Enforcement "ticket"
Confirmation that the court has received the affidavit.
Confirmation from the court that the ticket was dismissed.



21 Responses
  1. ran a light and it seems like a very short yellow for a fast speed limit road in spokane. please send me your form as i would like to get the ticket dropped.
    thanks and good for you for helping people.

  2. Regarding the notice demanding you name the driver of the vehicle in your declaration of non-responsibility: If the driver was your spouse, wouldn’t the requirement in the notice violate RCW 5.60.060 which protects one spouse from testifying against another?

  3. Well, got a $250 ticket for speeding 36mph in 20mph school zone (Woodmond Middle School in Des Moines)
    Went and checked the video, yes the lights were flashing, BUT! There were no kids and no cross guards. Woodmond lets the kids out at 2:30pm and I was there at 3:03pm
    Is there a time limit on how long those light should flash?
    If I was driving by any other school without lights/cameras installed I would not get the ticket; no kids and no cross guards.
    Cas cow it is for the City of Des Moines, I calculated if they catch just 2 people (in time period where thera are no kids but the lights flashing) during am hours and 2 in pm hours 4a day X 20 working days= $20,000 a month
    Any remedy? Should I play it wasn’t me or I would not get a ticket at school without camera?

  4. I recently got a redlight turning ticket, basically ran red. How do I fight this. I sent the form into fife for a mitigation hearing. Am I screwed now?

  5. Got a red-light cam ticket from Fife supposedly at Pac Hwy and Alexander at 5p.m. on a dark winter evening. I was not driving, but very likely my wife’s medical care provider was (it is a wheelchair lift van). I contested the ticket via mail because the video clearly showed she applied the brakes and did NOT “proceed thru the intersection”. This van is ABS equipped and the lady drives with a later braking style than I do. The pavement being obviously wet, my guess is the front wheels started to slip on the painted “stop bar/line) and then grabbed again on the less slick asphalt putting the front wheels between the x-walk and the stop bar. I figured they would toss it based on the video evidence. Got the decision today – PAY UP SUCKER! Does not sound fair to me… I am a traffic engineer by trade and I always thought the stop line was there as a “guideline” not an absolute for signalized intersections.

  6. I got a speed ticket in a school zone for $124. It was after 9am on a Monday. I went to court to contest it. The camera took a rear picture of my license plate and vehicle.
    In WA you are not required to identify the actual driver and they are not allowed to take a front photo showing the driver. I presented several arguments which the commissioner rejected. He changed my contested request to Non Responsibility and had me swear I wasn’t the driver. He then promptly dismissed the charge. Note:
    camera tickets including speeding are treated as a parking violation and do not go on your record even if guilty. I suspect because of the severe lack of actual evidence. You are not required to admit to anything. If it happens again I will throw the ticket mailed to me away as it was not sent certified. Therefore I never got it. Hope this clears some things up. One lady got two camera tickets in seconds of each other. Obviously impossible so it was also thrown out.

  7. I never received a camera ticket in the mail (if it came in at all then most likely it was thrown out by my boyfriend) so i never got to look into the ticket. The other day I received something similar to a final notice and they said my car is flagged and the fine increased drastically. Am I able to write a letter since I am outside of the initial 30 day time period?

  8. I can tell you that these tickets do go on your record in Oregon. I can also tell you that I sent an affidavit stating that I was not driving the vehicle, at that time, also explaining the circumstances, and I will still found guilty. My ticket was, in fact, issued by the city of Sherwood, not some third party.

  9. Swimikimi

    It worked! It was fast and easy! My husband got a $234.00 photo citation for supposedly speeding 8 over in a school zone at 5pm on a week night in Seattle. He is the registered owner of my car but he was at work in Puyallup that day.
    I printed the affidavit, filled it out and the procrastinator that I am, sent it in 1 day before the due date. 3 days later he got a notice saying "violation and failure to respond" and now owed $259.00. 2 days after that he got a letter saying "Your infraction has been cancelled". Yay!! Thank you for the info!!

  10. I received a photo school zone ticket from my employer for a company vehicle that is assigned to me… So I guess the company can probably be counted on to point the finger at me as the only driver. Can I still use this method?

  11. racutis

    I received a photo ticket in the mail for my car on 8th St in Bellevue, WA, for $124. I was originally going to get the driver to pay for it but it was a mute point since I was not driving my car. The day after I got this ticket, I used the affidavit that was furnished here and submitted it to the King County District Court in Bellevue, WA. After waiting a week with no response, I called the court clerk and she said that the court had received it and it was being reviewed by a judge. The due date is Monday so I am hoping it is resolved by then. When I go to the online payment site, the fine still shows. I will update when I get more information.