Dori Monson BanCams interview



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  1. Wilber

    Have followed the efforts of other locales to remove this inane revenue generator called Safety Cameras.

    A sage observer of politics once told that..

    A politician has three tasks.

    1, Raise money, 2, Pass new laws, 3, Get their names on record for same. And they do not surrender easily.

    As a NW resident, I support the efforts.

    Not wishing to play the Devils advocate here, there is only one red light camera that seemed to make a difference. The installation at NE 39th and Sandy Blvd

    in Portland. Did reduce the number of accidents.

    However, when the Oregon Gov. gleefully signed, and that is a quote. Doubling the fines.

    Revealed more than one could stomach…

    By the way, are public employees exempt from the same fines in Washington ?

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