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Time for a change in Redmond’s city government?

Great op-ed from RedmondReporter.com As the CEO of the largest traffic data company in the country, I’m amazed that the city council has disregarded the safety issues related to red-light cameras. Indeed, it is now common knowledge within the transportation data industry that red-light cameras actually increase accidents rather than decrease them. There is a […]

Has Monroe’s Mayor and City Council been Reported Missing?

Copy of the email that Tim Eyman sent to the City of Monroe: Maybe they didn’t get the news that a major controversy of their own making is brewing in Monroe. Today, I did several interviews with local papers and news sources who wanted to hear more about the scandalous actions of the Monroe Mayor […]

Monroe’s Big Bag of Dirty Tricks

Copy of the letter that was sent to the city of Monroe this morning: City of Monroe: Mayor Robert Zimmerman and City Councilmembers Kurt Goering, Patsy Cudaback, Tom Williams, Tony Balk, John Stima, Jim Tuttle, & Bridgette Tuttle Dear Mr. Mayor and City Council members: We, the sponsors of Monroe Initiative #1, want the attached […]

Bellingham likely knew that ATS would sue

ATS and Bellingham had a secret meeting about ATS filing a lawsuit, just weeks before ATS filed a lawsuit to stop the initiative. The Everett Herald reports: Records I obtained through a public disclosure request indicate that on that at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Pike and City Attorney Joan Hoisington participated in a conference call […]